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Antoinette Rwagatare,
Legal Administrative Assistant

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Antoinette started her career in International Organizations such as European Union, supporting Executives and high-level Representatives. She had an opportunity to learn about European Union systems by working with EU Commissioners and Ambassadors. She also worked for a Belgium Corporation as Program Officer, where she prospected to support various development projects assisting the Government of Rwanda.

Antoinette worked for Ford Motor Company as an Account Executive Specialist, where she focused on customers and client’s satisfaction.  Prior to that, she worked for Benchmark Hospitality, supporting Deloitte& Touch as Operations officer.


Today, Antoinette is using her international background and experience to assist Schulz Trade Law, PLLC, as a Legal Administrative Assistant.

Antoinette holds an MBA in International Business - Trade from Walden University and BS in Law from University of Kigali.  She’s an Eisenhower Fellow and Alumni of Université Libre de Bruxelles. She’s a native speaker of French and Proficient in English. She has basic knowledge in Dutch and Spanish.


She’s a native Rwandan with a global perspective.  In her free time, she enjoys playing with her daughter, traveling, and meet new people!

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